S4 Facilities Security specializes in the delivery of professional Security Officer Services to large, highly public environments where exceptional interpersonal skills and superior security knowledge are required. We don't provide anything off the shelf; instead, each and every solution is custom designed to meet and exceed the needs of each and every unique client within the industries we serve.


We know from experience that providing the best security is about having the right people for each specific job environment. At S4 Facilities, we tailor our stringent selection process to meet the needs of every job by using our strategic staffing model. This means that we determine the specific mix of skills and attributes needed for each position, so you can feel confident knowing you're getting the best person for the job.


We invest considerable time and resources into recruiting right. Superior people want to work with a superior company -- one that cares about quality, treats their people well and offers personal growth and advancement -- so we're fortunate to receive many applications. We then use our selective hiring processes to filter out the most ideal candidates, which ensures that our clients receive only the most capable Security Officers.



Training is what differentiates us, and it's why we are chosen compared to others in the security industry. Once we have the right candidates on board, we start by conducting extensive pre-employment training for each new staff member, which far surpasses all regulatory requirements and standards across the country. Each S4 Facilities Security Officer then undergoes pre-assignment training and site training unique to each position and its respective industry.


To ensure our people continue to perform above expectations, we have a multi-faceted supervisory and support system in place coupled with a client service model that promotes effective two-way communication.


                                                             Security Guard Services Include:

                                                            Party Security

                                                            Uniformed Static guard

                                                            Plain clothes/Store security

                                                            Staff escorts

                                                            Concierge services

                                                            Perimeter protection

                                                            Personal screening

                                                            Private function

                                                            Emergency 24 hour response

                                                            Crowd control

                                                            Asset protection

                                                            Traffic control

                                                            Special events